Why KPEye?

According to the Annual Report on European SMEs 2017/2018, the most pressing problem for an SME is finding customers (24%). This is followed closely by the scarcity of skilled staff or experienced managers (23%). These are the exact issues that KPEYE is designed to solve. Since the EU is home to 23 million SMEs, we are addressing the fundamental growth barriers of 4 to 9 million enterprises.

Many times, companies have to rely on 5-8 solutions in order to get the job done. Due to this dispersion, prospecting and growth management are often expensive processes, and with uncertain results. By bringing in a consolidated Big Data strategy, we will unveil significant insights to successful SME growth.

Our innovative approach,, is to leverage existing Business Communities (such as EU’s Clusters, Business Associations, Commercial Banks, etc.), and empower their SME members with our technology to effectively engage, prospect and sell, and to manage the operational processes essential for growth.